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To click with people first is more important than to click the shutter" - Alfred Eisenstaedt 1897-1995

Ahoi! I'm a photographer and video producer in Cape Town, South Africa. From product, cars, food and landscapes to people, anything is fair game! Do not be fooled: being labelled a "generalist" makes me no less competitive in your required field of imagery. In the words of a friend: "You're a specialist photographer" and I think that pretty much sums it up. My training and experience affords me a considerable amount of technical versatility. Where I feel the work does not suit my style, I'll be frank and upfront about it.

I have been shooting freelance since 2000 and hold a B.Tech Degree in Photography. My work is published and syndicated worldwide. Award winning cookbooks, coffee table books, advertising campaigns, editorial photography, more than 50 magazine covers, local and international, publicity imagery, corporate functions and most forms of marketing photography plus a considerable portfolio of stock images, not to mention video productions for wine farms, corporate entities, music videos and tutorial videos, all make up part of my repertoire.

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